Dear Sandra,

I spent a week at Chateau de la Chesnaye last summer and I just don’t have enough words to capture how memorable my experience was.

Once you arrive in Chesnaye, your worries and stresses slip away and your life is overtaken with the quiet peacefulness of the place. The Chateau and the surrounding countryside have a simple beauty that is so wholesome and good.

Naturally, the Loire Valley setting does not have the dramatics of a raging seascape or a fast-moving urban scene but it allows you to drift into the calm countryside and to sense the trees, the woods, the grasses and the wildflowers with their pinks and purples and the yellows of the cornfields, all immersed in their country smells. The weather was changeable which made for scenes and skies that changed as you painted in mood, colour, atmosphere and soul all of which, passed into my painting as it opened up in front of my eyes from a blank canvas to an unexpected piece of artistic expression.

I must say I loved my time at the Chesnaye, the painting, inspiration and very much the relaxation and great company of fellow painters.


2017 Artist

Hi Sandra,

Just a note to say I’ve returned from Chesnaye painting course and would like to advise you of my time there.

The course was splendid and as a novice ‘artist’ I learnt so much in 7 days.

The venue was magnificent with facilities and grounds set to such a high standard. Clement the chef, produced truly wonderful meals and once the weather improved after the weekend we were able to eat on the patio.

A truly memorable week – for many reasons!

With kind regards,


2017 Artist

Hi Sandra

I loved my art lesson and had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit quietly and focus on colours and textures.

Sitting in the garden of Chateau de la Chesnaye, under the shade of the tree with my sketch pad and watercolours was so liberating. I had to still myself to not move and to feel happy to be able to sit and simply draw and paint. Your direction was incredibly helpful and the encouragement to draw whatever I felt and saw helped me to relax and to just enjoy myself, completely detached from the everyday.

I will definitely return.

Thank you Sandra.

May 2018.